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As I write our first public blog, two thoughts come to mind — beyond doubt and dread about writing and imposter syndrome. The one constant changes, and the work we work on, works on us.

We can only fight these things for so long, and then eventually, the cost of inaction overwhelms us, and we end up doing what we knew we were supposed to do but with more bruises and scars. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Change is the catalyst for where we want to go because we can’t stay where we are forever. We have to grow, and we have to go.

So I guess I’ll start with, I didn’t want to have to start OpsWerks. I tried to find a place where I could grow, and I could help others who wanted to do the same. I wanted to try and do some hard things, some scary things, and after it was done, and say, “Wow, I can’t believe we did that!!!”.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with some fantastic folks, and we got to work with some excellent partners who were doing mind-blowing work. What I’ve come to learn is that I want to do good work with great people so I could become more like them.. Great people don’t have it all figured out, but they are curious about discovery and courageous enough to explore what could be there. Along the way, I’ve also learned that environments and technology are ever-changing, but what doesn’t change is the importance that people and relationships make. They can all make a difference in our journey; from painful to pleasurable, from desperate to hopeful, and from an obstacle to an opportunity. 

We’re trying to be more deliberate about developing ourselves and those next to us. We feel that the better we can become individually, the stronger the teams we build; these teams can further support our individual development, strengthening our teams even more. It’s a virtuous cycle, where something good feeds better. We are constantly trying to find harmony between the individual and team needs. It is continually changing, just like the seasons. I think the secret lies in developing a keen awareness of ourselves, each other, our surroundings, and our situation; this awareness can inform us what the best decisions may be.

At OpsWerks, our culture is pretty well defined and ingrained in us. It guides us, informs us, grounds us, protects us, and inspires us. It is how we see ourselves, our community, and the world around us. It helps us decide what we will do and will not do. It helps to create our experiments with our specific purpose in mind. It tells us to continue to fight a good fight and directs us when we need to change our approach. It creates safety because it is for everyone, everywhere, and at all times. It creates freedom within its framework. It can be the wind behind your sail and help you steady your rudder. And it can give you a place to practice your craft of self-discovery as you allow others to do the same. What I have found is that we tend to get more than we put in, but we have to put something in. It works because it is all a choice. You will see more as you read the stories to come.

The absolute measurement of our "success" will be seen in our lives and relationships decades after they are with us.

We don’t have it all figured out, not even close, but we are figuring it out and are clear about how we will approach it. We know that when we stack our seemingly small changes, they compound over time, and the change we get is our transformation.

So come on back from time to time. We’ll be sharing our stories here, things we’ve learned, something we’ve overcome, and things we are still wrestling with. We love to share and would love to hear from you too.

By Steve Kwan

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