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Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of technology, engineering, and innovation. It is where brilliant minds converge to share knowledge, celebrate collaboration, and make meaningful impact.

Pathways SRE

April 13, 2024

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Roof deck at Greenfield Tower, Mayflower corner Williams Street, Mandaluyong City

Bring your A-game as you showcase your skills and potential to our team.

Bring your A-game as you showcase your skills and potential to our team.

Bring your A-game as you showcase your skills and potential to our team.

Score big with a P30,000 signing bonus if you’re hired on April 13th and determined to start on or before May 10th!

Prepare to be amazed as we’re giving away 2 Apple watches, 2 Nintendo Switch consoles, and 2 PlayStation 5s!

Level up your tech game! Become a CKA-certified Site Reliability Engineer in just three months.

How to get there?

  • There are two main parking spots inside the building’s premises. One is located at the basement level (Greenfield Tower – closed parking), and the other one is outside (Mayflower Plaza – open parking).
  • Parking fees for all parking spots are identical for the first 3 hours.
  • If you are commuting, Greenfield Tower is just a few minutes walk away from Shaw Blvd. MRT Station.

Don’t forget to bring your ID to quickly pass the registration queue. The entire hiring process is digitally processed. You may be required to sign your name at the building lobby. Tell the reception you are going to the Roof Deck for the OpsWerks event.

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What is Discover OpsWerks?

Discover OpsWerks is one of our team’s event initiatives under the Converge series and is not just your run-of-the-mill tech event; it is a journey of learning, growth, and a celebration of the remarkable work happening at OpsWerks. Throughout the past seven years, ‘Converge’ has evolved, mirroring the growth of our organization. What started as a simple gathering has grown into a grand showcase of engineering talents, our accomplishments, and the profound impact we’ve made. At its core, Converge embodies the spirit of unity, where ideas, skills, and passions meet to create a unique experience that we wish to impart at Discover OpsWerks.

More than a convergence of talent and curiosity, we appreciate the chance to spotlight what we do and how we do it alongside our partners. It emphasizes the importance of collective culture and the incredible things that can happen when you put brilliant minds in the same room. It showcases the power of human touch in the ever-advancing world of technology, emphasizing that tech, on its own, is not enough. It is the people, the culture, and the connections that drive progress.  

What happens at Discover OpsWerks?

At Discover OpsWerks, you will have the chance to dive deep into enlightening sessions: Learn about OpsWerks Academy and its pivotal role in nurturing the tech community, uncover the inner workings of Engineering and Development at OpsWerks, and discover the unique OpsWerks approach to leveling up your technical skills.

While Discover OpsWerks is packed with invaluable insights, it’s not all about werk. This event is the ideal blend of learning, fun, and networking opportunities so don’t wait any longer! Secure your spot at Discover OpsWerks and experience a day of discovery, innovation, and collaboration.

Discover the limitless networks to success, both in the tech world and in personal growth.