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Before We Tell You About Ourselves,
Check Out Who We Currently Support

water.org is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed more than four million lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation.
charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.
As the leading provider of services to people with developmental disabilities in Silicon Valley for over 63 years, Hope serves more than 3,500 people and their families in six counties and provides essential programs for all ages, infants through seniors.

Leadership Team

Steve Kwan
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

A true silicon valley native who grew up and lives in the beautiful San Francisco South Bay area. An electrical engineer by training, he was bit by the startup bug early in his career. He’s founded a couple companies, joined early and late stage startups, been a part of four acquisitions and has worked for a handful of publicly traded companies.

His various landings and roles (maker, seller, buyer) has allowed him to discover his true passion … making people’s lives better.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. If there is any extra time, he loves to play volleyball and can be occasionally found speeding around on one of California’s racetracks.

Alfie Macatiag
Head of Philippines Operations, Co-Founder

A goal-oriented person, who is always looking for a good challenge. She is in constant pursuit for meaning through all situations, circumstances and opportunities. Her 15+ years in various technology, security and services companies, has exposed her to operations, support, project management and strategy. It helped shaped her to be practical and authentic in all interactions. She is a lifelong student of creating and refining the connection points between people, resources and relationships.

Not only technologically adept, she takes great pride in serving her local community through outreach programs and supports seasonal pro-bono teaching of values education at local public schools.

In an attempt to be more holistic, Alfie occasionally slacks off by taking long trips, basking under the sun, and exploring one by one the 7,100+ islands of the Philippines.

The Opswerks Team

The team was purposefully assembled from our past working relationships for their ability to think compassionately, communicate clearly and execute cleanly. Most have lived 24x7 operational lives for many years, supporting some of the world largest infrastructure and SaaS companies. They lived with growth projects using shrinking budgets. They’ve worked around non-existent maintenance windows and understand the unseen toll of being oncall and living sleep deprived lives.

They have built and want to help you build an operational environment that encourages, excites and motivates people. We want to make the process, products and tools to be part of the solution and not the source of friction.

Each person has pledged to use compassionate design in understanding these challenges with the goal of helping ops teams live better lives.


Kit Wetzler

Kit was raised in the Napa Valley, but after UC Davis, was drawn to the opportunity and community in Silicon Valley. He went through a series of product and service oriented venture funded start-ups, through various mergers and acquisitions ended up spending 9 years in various parts of Citrix - Product Management, Sales Engineering and Sales.

Kit's passions revolve around marrying technology with people and situations and helping them realize their potential together. In the non-working hours, Kit enjoys cooking, wrenching on cars, photography and goofing off with his 2 children and wife.